2016-2019 Ministry Property Pictures

March 2018 – using the kitchen to prepare hot dogs for a special day with the kids January 2019 – bringing food supplies as well as hot meals to the kids.

Pictures from the Dump Ministry 2018 – 2019

With the kitchen finished and the storage shed built, we are able to fully utilize the new building and have the storage in an outbuilding seen below. Also found here are some pictures from the feeding program at the city dump.

In 2016 and 2017, Kitchen construction started and finished

Over the course of several months we were able to build and finish our first building which is used for a kitchen and storage facility.

August / Agosto – 2016

The Property is just over 2 manzanas, of rustic farm land.  There are no constructions on the site so we are free to develop it to best serve our ministry needs. There is a spring, as well as access to the electric network.

A Local business has donated the first 500 blocks needed to build the soup kitchen, as well as a tractor to prepare the area for the first construction.

Pictures over looking the property from the North Side: