Dump Project Expense Report

Expense Report and brief summary  for Project “EVERY LIFE”
August 2014 to May 2015

  • Q38,443.00 – Initial construction supply purchase, detail, Purchased locally at  Fercompaiz (hardware store). Purchase included, 96 tin roofing sheets of 12 feet each; 1000 cement blocks 75x20x40; corrugated re-bar 3/8, 8 bundles; ¼ smooth  rebar for construction, 2 bundles; tie wire, 20 pounds, 20 steel beams 2x4x20 feet; cement, 100 bags; 12 meters of sand and 12 meters of rocks; (wood)  16 boards  1x12x10, 32 boards 2x3x12; 60 boards 2x3x825 meters of fencing (chain link style) 10 pounds of nails 4”; 10 pounds of nails 3”; 10 pounds of nails 2”; 3 pipes 4” diameter with 4 90’s and 1 “T”
  • Q8,700.00 – Fill Dirt – 29 truck loads
  • Q2,000.00 – lunch for the workers
  • Q2,000.00 – tractor work, leveling out the dirt and packing it down
  • Q2,400.00 – water trucked in for the project (not including the floor)
  • Q6,000.00 – repairs to our vehicles entering the dump, including flat tires
  • Q30,000.00 – to the metal roofing contractor, includes painting and welding the super structure, installing 100 tin roofing sections at 12 feet each and transportation to and from job site.
  • Q2,500.00 – rental of a gas powered welding machine and generator
  • Q15,500.00 – Four months of gasoline for the project, transportation to and from the site daily, plus generator, and transport of materials as needed
  • Q1,500.00 – 20 additional bags of cement
  • Q1,396.00 – 4 additional meters of sand and 4 additional meters of rocks
  • Q35,000.00 – labor not including floor (4 persons, 4 months, minimum wage)
  • Q5,000.00 – labor for installing the floor
  • Q115,500.00 – Electric company, for 9 poles, tension wires, 900×2 meters of cable, transformer, street lights,  LED lighting and wiring and grounding

TOTAL EXPENSE – Q265,939.00 / $35,459.00

Donation (New Hampshire Charitable Foundation) –     (Q219,450.00 /   $28,500)
Donation – Private Donor (CL) –                                      (Q10,000.00  / $1,334.00)
Donation – Iglesia Vida Real (Church) –                         (Q5,000      /       $733,00)
Donation – Ministerio Casa Verde – (Radio FeLove) –   (Q37,668.40    /     $4,892)

Brief description of the Project “EVERY LIFE”

This is a report on the project of the refuge center at the city garbage dump. In August 2014 we started the construction of what would become a refuge center as part of project “Every Life”.  The first thing we discovered was that there were several hundred barrels full of some liquid waste that were buried six meters down under our construction site. That caused the land to be very unstable. We had to bring in a lot of dirt and refill the land and pack it down. This was the first of what would be several additional costs to the project.  Because of these barrels we had to change the entire design of the building which caused some delays in starting the project.  In order for the building to be stable on this land we had to reconfigure the entire foundation.  Once we had the foundation set we begin construction immediately first putting in the pilings then installing the superstructure and the roofing. We also had several guys walk off the job. It just seems that the smell, the smoke from burning trash, the flies and the ambient of the garbage dump was just too much for them. It was true; we all got sick from the smoke when the wind was blowing it towards us.  We also discovered that none of the hardware stores would deliver supplies into this area, nor did any of the companies and services that we needed to complete the project, therefore we had to arrange transportation for everything that we needed to build the structure.   The seasonal rains brought lots of mosquitoes and flies, the guys were getting bit and all started to get sick, almost like a mild dengue fever.    We then took some time off for the Christmas holidays and started working again in late February 2015.  We continued working just on the weekends.  It took several months to install the floor of the building the reason behind this was there’s no water, It was officially dry season!  We had to bring water in barrels in our truck from several kilometers away this took a lot of time,  Before it dries up we were getting the water out of a small creek and bringing it up to the road in five gallon buckets.    The Electric Company has  nine poles the tension wires and 900 meters of cables along with public lighting as well as the indoor lighting in the style of LED bulbs.  At the time of this report the electrical has not been completed.  I spoke with the engineer at the power company who mentioned they had a few bad weeks as far as technical problems on their network and that they would soon be starting the work.  This part of the project will bring electricity to an area that never had access to electricity before.  One of the families living at the dump has already ordered a meter for his shack.  The power company here has what they call a social rate and if you use under 100kw per month it is very affordable, something like $12.  This will help the families at the dump to at least have some lights and charge their cell phones.