Street Ministry (Parks)

Steet-Ministry-300x225Through this ministry, we bring the love of Christ to the streets! We pray with people in the local markets, door to door evangelism, children’s programs in neighborhoods, minster to the prostitutes, share Christ with the break dancers, and prayer walks through neighborhoods. Street ministry looks different based on who we are ministering to but also is based on love, prayer, and God’s word.


The neighborhood children gather around for kids programs full of Games, Music, Skits, and Bible stories! It’s a great way to gather together families living in the same neighborhood and spread the love of Christ.


We go on prayer walks through neighborhoods, evangelize door to door, pray with those working or shopping in the local markets and also worship in the markets. This is a great way to connect with the community while praying for them and sharing God’s word


We had the opportunity to pray for the Mayor! He is a man of God who is looking to bring change to this city. We worshiped together and closed out our time together praying for him, the city officials, governor, city hall and this city as a whole.

Many break dancers are looked down on because they have the stereotype of drugs, alcohol and violence. Well, there is a group of “B-Boys” here who have a vision to be different: To live clean lives, enjoy dance drug-free and be an example to other B-boys. We spend a lot of time with this group encouraging them and praying with them.


The reality of prostitutes here is ever present. Bars are full of woman working and men visiting, full of loud music and cold beers, broken hearts and tempted minds. We bring the Love of Christ, Power of Prayer, and the Sound of Worship to these dark places.