Guatemala Ministry

What’s Going on in Guatemala?

Guatemala, Central America

  • Feeding Program – feeding children and families living in or around the city dump
  • Helping children get into school
  • Building a school on our property for daycare, preschool, kindergarten and adult high school
  • Developing our ministry property to have a youth camp and church retreats. 

What is Ministerio Casa Verde “Green House Ministries”?

Paul Tonetti

Paul moved to Guatemala in 2006 after serving 10 years with Mercy Ships.  In Guatemala Paul met his wife Hilda and they were married in 2010.  Paul and Hilda, both had served in a ministry called Youth With a Mission (YWAM) and had a similar ministry vision for Guatemala.  In 2009 Paul and Hilda formed Ministrio Casa Verde and started serving the poor and mal- nourished children, most who were living in the city garbage dump.  The ministry involves working with and ministering to youth, not just in the dump but in the parks and streets of Puerto Barrios.  Social Projects: We have completed several community projects in the past such as, repairing roofs on houses of the elderly, water projects, electrical projects and construction projects.  Most of the projects revolve around receiving missionary teams and the teams helping complete the projects physically and financially. 

In 2020 Hilda passed away from cancer and one of her dreams was to have a school / daycare center where the children from the dump could be cared for and have good meals. Paul has a vision to use the same school on weekends to give an education to the young adults who were not able to complete their studies.  Now that Covid restrictions are lifting we are ready to move full speed ahead with the ministry and start construction on the school and a dormitory for teams.

How can you help?

  • Pray for this ministry that God will release the needed funds and staff to move forward and expand His kingdom.
  • Pray for Paul, as leader of the ministry for guidance, direction, and also for his finances, as a missionary he depends on offerings and does not get a salary.
  • To open doors with the local community to gain trust and support of the local business owners as well as the local government.

Urgent Need: 

Currently we need prayer and finances to maintain our feeding program.  We have lost some of the sponsors to our feeding program and with Covid restrictions lifting and being able to return to the dump we need to be ready.

  1. kitchen and storage area
    1. The kitchen area needs some finishing details such as interior doors and a hood vent system for the stove as well as the patio floor ceramic installed
    2. The storage: the company that we bought the lumber from sold us half treated and half normal wood and the termites have eaten the main supports and urgently needs repair.
  •  property
    • We need to build an entrance gate, and a parameter wall as well as a retaining wall on the back side to keep the land from washing out on the property line.
  • Next Phase:To build a school and Kindergarten:  
  • Many of the small children from the dump area cannot afford school, we would provide that for free as well as a pre-school and kindergarten. We will also include other educational projects such as adult high school.
  • Expansion of the Existing building: 
    • The current facility has a kitchen area and a single dorm room with single outside bathroom.  The addition would include a second dormitory and a double bathroom block with private access from each dorm room.


  • To build small cabins which can be used to house staff: 
    1. We often house short term mission teams, or missionaries passing though as well as pastors who come to town for a conference and need a place to sleep, but we also need staff to maintain and provide security on the land.  We are looking for churches to sponsor 4 or 5 cabins at a cost of $3000USD each.


  • Email: [email protected]   This email can be used for PayPal and Zelle
  • Ministry Phone USA: +1 850.932.8086 – Guatemala +502 7942-9838