While our main mission is the project at the city dump and helping those children, we also receive teams of missionaries and that allows us to expand our ministry into the following areas:



In the local garbage dump for our city there are several families and many children living and working there, about 125 of them. They wait for the trucks to come and then dig through the garbage looking for food and other valuable things that can be recycled for money. Most of them live right in the middle of the city dump without electricity, without water and without bathrooms. Currently each week we provide a nutritious meal, formula for the babies, we build relationships with each of them, and most importantly sharing God’s love.



Many children are left alone in the hospital. With working parents and busy nurses most children are lonely. We visit the children in the hospital to bring them joy, laughter is the best medicine! Simply sitting with them to color in the coloring books we provide brings a smile to their face. While we are there we also pray with them and if their parents are present we pray with them as well.


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At the nursing home there are many elderly people eager to share their story. They love to speak about their children, memories from the past, and there is even a gentleman who loves to play the guitar and sing! A lot of times their family doesn’t come to visit leaving them alone. We keep them company, sing with them, and enjoy conversation…sharing the love of Christ through relationships. When we have the sources, we bless them with food, clothing, and shoes!


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The local orphanage is a place that we like to visit, all the children are under the age of seven and is often referred to as the baby orphanage.  It really is a convent of catholic nuns who saw the need and started taking in the babies.  If you are coming for a visit, please feel free to bring cloth diapers, blankets and other baby clothes.


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We visit the Special Needs School and the School for kids who parents live or work in the dump. We play with them during their recess time, sing songs and perform skits, and sometimes help with construction. This is a ministry that benefits everyone! The children have fun and learn about God, the teachers get a little break to relax or prepare for classes, and when doing construction it helps ease the work load and fulfills the needs of the school such as building new classrooms painting and/or other projects


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Through this ministry, we bring the love of Christ to the streets! We pray with people in the local markets, door to door evangelism, children’s programs in neighborhoods, minster to the prostitutes, share Christ with the break dancers, and prayer walks through neighborhoods. Street ministry looks different based on who we are ministering to but also is based on love, prayer, and God’s word.


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We work with several churches in our community.  We take our teams to the churches to evangelize in the way of drama, worship, testimonies and the word of God. This is often a breath of fresh air for the local church. There is so much power in a testimony! God’s grace and redemption is so beautiful!  The work God has done in our lives can be a great encouragement to others and also bring people to Christ. Often times when visiting a church, someone will share their testimony with the congregation.


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We use sports ministry as a strategic way of showing Gods love. This unique form of evangelism can show Gods love in a different way. Fútbol is loved by most which makes it a perfect opportunity to gather people together. Often we visit the park to play Fútbol or basketball with the locals.


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Casa Verde is a ministry house that can host teams   There is also plenty of green space outside should you bring a tent or hammock. These are the teams that will be working in the community with us at one or all of our ministry locations throughout the city.  Unless the team comes with a specific purpose, we will work them into our ministry routine here in Puerto Barrios.