Project: Villa Casa Verde

2019 – Brief Explanation: ( to establish a permanent base )

Since 2007 the ministry has been renting or borrowing more than seven different houses and offices spread out over our neighborhood.  None of the places we have been renting are available for long term use and the price of renting has more than doubled in the last few years.  With that said and after much prayer, we have made a decision to buy a farm (4.5 acres) located at the end of our same neighborhood.  The property is big enough to accomplish all our goals and expand the ministry with a permanent location to serve the projects in the Puerto Barrios area for many years to come.

Urgent Need: ( to pay for the New Property )

We know we cannot do this alone so we are asking your help.  In short we are looking for  people to partner with us .  This will allow us to buy the property and finish phase 1.


  1. To build a kitchen and storage area: ( COMPLETED )
    1. The purpose of the kitchen would be to have a place where we could prepare meals on a daily basis to take to the children who live and work at the city garbage dump. We would also store supplies of powdered milk, sugar, and incaparina (a vitamin drink in powder form).  These items are used to mix and prepare formula for the babies at the dump.
  2. To purchase the property: ( 50% COMPLETED )
    1. The owner has given us time to do the fundraising to pay off the land, but it is a limited time frame and we need to pay it off before we do more building


  1. To build a school and Kindergarten:  ( starting planing phase Feb 2019 )
    1. many of the children can not afford school, we would provide that for free as well as a kindergarten and many other educational projects.  The school could be converted into a children’s home giving them a safe place to stay until the families can get back on their feet if needed.


  1. To build a facility to receive teams of missionaries.
    1. We often house short term mission teams, or missionaries passing though as well as pastors who come to town for a conference and need a place to sleep.
    2. with a simple facility we can hold retreats for the local churches


Here is a short video of us passing out vitamin cereal mix to the families at the dump.

August 20, 2016