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2022 – Thanks to all who helped us pay for the ministry property!

The previous owners allowed us extra time due to the passing of my wife and the covid lockdown, which contributed to us being able to finish the purchase without problems.

Current Needs: 

Currently we need prayer and finances to maintain our programs.  God has been faithful, no complaints, however giving has gone down since Covid and we have to maintain our facilities.  We also have two cars that are 22 years old.  We are in need of a vehicle that can make a 300-mile round trip through the mountain to bring back food and supplies from the capital city.

  1. Kitchen and area
    1. The kitchen area needs some finishing details such as a hood vent system for the stove as well as the patio floor ceramic installed.
  2.  property
    1. We need to build an entrance gate, and a parameter wall as well as a retaining wall on the back side to keep the land from washing out on the property line.

Next Phase:

  1. To build a School and Kindergarten:  
    1. There is a large number of single moms who could enter the work force if they had a daycare and kindergarten option available.  We would provide that service along with a good meal for the children.  We would also provide an adult high option for the young families who were forced to drop out for economic reasons and will never get a good job without a diploma.
  2. Expansion of the Existing building: 
    1. The current facility has a kitchen area and a single dorm room with single outside bathroom.  The addition would include a second dormitory and a double bathroom block with private access from each dorm room.


  1. To build small cabins which can be used to house staff: 
    1. We often house short term mission teams, or missionaries passing though as well as pastors who come to town for a conference and need a place to sleep, but we also need staff to maintain and provide security on the land.  We are looking for churches to sponsor 4 or 5 cabins at a cost of $3000USD each.


Here is a short video of us passing out vitamin cereal mix to the families at the dump.

August 20, 2016