Project: Villa Casa Verde

2022 – Thanks to all who helped us pay for the ministry property!

The purchase process of the property was a difficult one due to the passing of my wife and the Covid year happening in the middle of our purchase campaign.  The previous owners allowed us extra time due to the circumstances, which contributed to us being able to finish the purchase.

Urgent Need: 

Currently we need prayer and finances to maintain our feeding program.  We have lost some of the sponsors to our feeding program and with Covid restrictions lifting and being able to return to the dump we need to be ready.

  1. kitchen and storage area
    1. The kitchen are needs some finishing details such as interior doors and a hood vent system for the stove as well as the patio floor  ceramic installed
    2. The storage: the company that we bought the lumber from sold us half treated and half normal wood and the termites have eaten the main supports and urgently needs repair.
  2.  property
    1. We need to build an entrance gate, and a parameter wall as well as a retaining wall on the back side to keep the land from washing out on the property line.

Next Phase:

  1. To build a school and Kindergarten:  
    1. many of the small children from the dump area can not afford school, we would provide that for free as well as a pre-school and kindergarten. We will also include other educational projects such as adult high school.
  2. Expansion of the Existing building: 
    1. The current facility has a kitchen area and a single dorm room with single outside bathroom.  The addition would include a second dormitory and a double bathroom block with private access from each dorm room.


  1. To build small cabins which can be used to house staff: 
    1. We often house short term mission teams, or missionaries passing though as well as pastors who come to town for a conference and need a place to sleep, but we also need staff to maintain and provide security on the land.  We are looking for churches to sponsor 4 or 5 cabins at a cost of $3000USD each.


Here is a short video of us passing out vitamin cereal mix to the families at the dump.

August 20, 2016