IMG_0582-300x225We visit the Special Needs School and the School for kids who parents live or work in the dump. We play with them during their recess time, sing songs and perform skits, and sometimes help with construction. This is a ministry that benefits everyone! The children have fun and learn about God, the teachers get a little break to relax or prepare for classes, and when doing construction it helps ease the work load and fulfills the needs of the school such as building new classrooms painting and/or other projects.  Songs and skits are always fun children programs! The kids enjoy learning new songs and singing ones they already know. Skits are a great tool to teach them more about God.


Recess time!! After sitting the classroom, it is time to run around and get all that energy out while exercising those muscles as well! We play ball with the kids, jump rope, and play games outside with them.

The Special Needs School is building new classrooms! We were able to help with the construction. Not only were we able to bless the workers by getting work done faster but also we were a part of the growth of the school!