Orphanage-300x225The local orphanage is a place that we like to visit, all the children are under the age of seven and is often referred to as the baby orphanage.  It really is a convent of catholic nuns who saw the need and started taking in the babies.  If you are coming for a visit, please feel free to bring cloth diapers, blankets and other baby clothes.

IMG_0918-300x225We brought coloring books to the orphanage! This is something fun to do while in turn teaching them to use their artistic side. After they color, they proudly show off their work with a huge smile. We also read with them, build blocks, and other games to assist in learning while having fun.



Thanks to the donation of shoes, we were able to bless the children with a brand new pair of shoes! It was fun trying them on and seeing how happy they were to have a clean pair of shoes that fit perfectly.IMG_0538-225x300

Kids are full of energy and ready to play! Many times we will spend the afternoon playing with them on the swing set or kicking around a futbol.  The kids get exercise and fun while ladies working there get a little bit of a break.


Sometimes they just need to be loved on! Whether it’s hugging the little ones or holding the babies, they just need love! There are more children than there are staff so when we visit we are able to make sure each child is getting a little extra love and attention.