Nursing Home

Nursing-home-300x225At the nursing home there are many elderly people eager to share their story. They love to speak about their children, memories from the past, and there is even a gentleman who loves to play the guitar and sing! A lot of times their family doesn’t come to visit leaving them alone. We keep them company, sing with them, and enjoy conversation…sharing the love of Christ through relationships. When we have the sources, we bless them with food, clothing, and shoes!

IMG_0344-300x225When we walk through the doors of the nursing home it is instantly brought to life! We are greeted with smiles, hugs, and kisses! You can see in their eyes how happy they are to receive company. They all emerge from their rooms and slowly make their way to the main meeting area. This is where we gather together to hear stories, to love, and to spend time with each of the wonderful people living there.

Along with age comes many stories and many memories. They are so eager to tell someone all about their lives, they are just waiting for a listening ear so they can spill out all their memories.

423429_2505669042932_1407657518_n-300x199Music is something that always brings people together no matter the age or culture. Many times we will sing for them and often they join in and we all sing together. Some of them love to dance and as soon as the music starts they are on their feet pulling someone on the “dance floor” with them!


This precious gentleman loves to play the guitar and sing! We sit around and listen, clapping after each song and encouraging him to sing another. Joy is written all over his face as his fingers strum the guitar while he sings his favorite songs.


A team that spent 2 weeks working with us here purchased shoes for everyone living at the nursing home! They were so happy as they took off their old shoes and tried on the new ones. With huge smiles on their faces they walked around looking at their feet while testing out their new shoes.

IMG_0822-300x225A church in the United States shipped us a large donation of food and clothing! We were able to bless the nursing home with pasta, canned goods, milk and clothes. The staff was especially grateful for the food and those living there excitedly picked out new clothes!