Childrens Hospital

Many children are left alone in the hospital. With working parents and busy nurses most children are lonely. We visit the children in the hospital to bring them joy, laughter is the IMG_04801-225x300best medicine! Simply sitting with them to color in the coloring books we provide brings a smile to their face. While we are they we also pray with them and if their parents are present we pray with them as well.

Coloring is always something fun for the kids to do! Especially if they are sick and needing to stay in bed. We often bring coloring books with Bible stories so while they are coloring they can also read short little stories from the Bible.

A missionary with a heart for pediatrics and a vision for FUN brought the carnival to the hospital! A chance for the kids to get up out of bed, move around and play some games! Complete with pin the tail (on the lion), a craft, a coloring table, a ring toss, a ball toss, and the fishing game.


IMG_0995-300x225The malnutrition ward of the hospital is for infants who have been hospitalized due to their little bodies not receiving the vitamins and food needed. We spend time praying in this ward and also we were able to donate some things such as teething rings and a bouncy chair for those gaining back their strength.